Anna Paulowna is located in the northern part of ‘Noord-Holland’, a bicycle ride away from the ‘Amstelmeer’, the dunes, the Northsea beach and the ‘Robbenoordwood’. There are many fishing waters in the neighbourhood and Van Ewijkcsluis has a small yacht harbour. At the Amstelmeer you can buy surfing lessons. The village has its own railway station with a direct connection to Amsterdam, Utrecht and Nijmegen, rides on time two times an hour, and is also (limited) reachable by bus. Taxi service can be ordered in Anna Paulowna.

Anna Paulowna is a cosy village with a shopping centre, a few nice restaurants and a lovely flora and fauna park with teahouse.

In the early spring the countryside is filled with colourful flower fields. This part of Holland has the most wide flower bulb fields. You will find the small harbour Van Ewijcksluis charming. De Brug is a cosy and informal restaurant and bar with view over the harbour. Callantsoog has the famous beach restaurant ‘Woest’ at the south end.

Yearly coming back events are ‘De Lentetuin’ (Spring garden in March), Bloeiend Zijpe (flower fields and exposition) and the Bloemendagen (Flower mosaics in May), besides triathlons among other events. The village Poldertuin (flower garden) is free accessible for tourists and offers you the looks of the most wide flower range in the Netherlands.
The picturesque city ‘Schagen’ is reachable within several kilometres. This charactering city has many shops and restaurants and bars and a cinema. City ‘Den Helder’ is around the corner. This city has also many shops and restaurants. Both in Schagen and Den Helder you will find a cinema. A trip to the isle Texel from Den Helder by boat is a very nearby.
The beach is a favourite place to go. Callantsoog has a nice centre with restaurants and several shops. Groote Keeten is quiet en good foor easy going people. Julianadorp and Den Helder have several places at the beach and wandering paths through the dunes, called the ´Donkere Duinen´.



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